Happy Stinkin New Year

January 19, 2009 at 7:48 pm (Barack Obama, whining)

Yes, yes, we got through Thanksgiving and Christmas with minor trauma and lots of fun and good memories.

On January 8, my husband broke his collarbone yet again. This time it was mountain biking at Oak Mountain during daylight hours, not riding over foresty bumps in a park in Cullman in the dark like back in 2005. Still, it required the same surgery he had before. So in addition to him losing his job in November (right before Thanksgiving, but the good news for us is that he was still able to draw a few paychecks) he also can’t drive, shower, or pick things up. I love him anyway. And you know, of course, that the man has rigged a way to play Guitar Hero World Tour with one arm and a very tender clavicle.

I am beginning my substitute teaching career. This may give me better insight as to whether or not I want to pursue my graduate studies in education. I have my areas of interest but have opened myself up to subbing in nearly every grade level and area.

Everyone in the house, including the dog now, has been sick lately.

We were diligent enough in not spending our money to get new siding. Thank God, because the current siding is literally falling off the house. Big chunks are on the driveway right now. We should start in a day or two. It helps to have a good friend in the business, too. This is the same guy who hosted us at his log cabin near Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina for New Year’s.

In Scouting news, it’s Blue & Gold Banquet time and Girl Scout Cookie time! I got the GS Cookie hookup if you want some. Just let me know.

Oh…and laundry is still taking over the house but I am betting it’s gonna come down with the fever virus or something too. I can only hope.

And you know, though I am pretty staunchly a libertarian in my political philosophies, I am excited about Barack Obama’s inauguration on Tuesday. How can I not be excited about it? While I don’t think he is going to solve all the problems, I don’t think he’s a messiah of any kind…I am giddy about changes that might be made. I am realistic and understand that the kind of nation, founded on laws and not men, that I dream of will not exist in my lifetime. So it’s nice that if we depend on men instead of laws, that we can be depending on a good man.

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