I found the link to my letter in Reason Magazine

February 21, 2007 at 1:13 pm (Uncategorized)

A few months ago Reason magazine printed a letter from me regarding the “Mommy Wars.” I had searched for the link but didn’t find it until this morning. I can be quite industrious after drinking a Tab Energy and polishing off a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.

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Blogging Mike Raita

February 20, 2007 at 6:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Do you watch The Zone on ABC33/40 on Sunday nights here in Birmingham? Because we do. We stop everything at 10:35 to watch Mike Raita, Doug Segrest, and Ray Melick. Mike Raita always makes me mad, but I love watching him. He does a great job, even though lots of people don’t seem to like him.

But Mike Raita made some comment about Britney Spears’ bald head and I had to email him.

This morning I got a reply.

Thanks for writing and watching. Everybody takes everything so
personally. My goodness, with the amount of jabs, barbs and criticisms
hurled at me EVERY DAY … I would have killed myself by now if I
had so little self-esteem as to be worried about what someone says
about me
or my appearance. If I worried about who I might offend every
time I
opened my mouth, I’d never get a word out. That said, I’m glad
I get you
steamed up. Thanks again for

—–Original Message—–

Monday, February 19, 2007 9:44 PM
To: miker@abc3340.com
Subject: no bald-headed

Mike Raita,

You were so very cordial to my son’s cub
scout den
when we toured your station back in November. So it kills me that
you would say
something so very boneheaded about women with no hair. I’m
certain–certain–that your female fans who have lost hair to herediatry
baldness or chemotherapy would take serious offense at that remark. I have a
head of luscious auburn curls and it even ticked me off.

you don’t want to see “bald-headed women,” us women dont’ want to hear
bone-headed men talking about bald-headed women.

That said, my
husband and I will still watch your show weekly, if only so I have something
get all steamed up about for the week ahead.


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hooray! i am back to blogging!

February 8, 2007 at 6:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh how I have missed blogging. Some of you are on my Myspace friends list and read my blogs there. I might duplicate a little bit, but I’l try to do something different on each blog. My MySpace blog is really intended just for those who are in my closest circle of friends and family. But anybody who has the hankering can read the Miss Bossy Pants Review!

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