One Day of Night / One Night of Day

October 8, 2008 at 8:33 am (body) (, , , , , )

On Tuesday, the gyne-magicians did their stuff. I got a dilation and currettage (that sounds so fancy, doesn’t it?), a hysteroscopy (where they use a scope to look around the uterus–what fun–like little gyno-pirates), and the NovaSure procedure. I started crying right as we entered the surgery center and didn’t stop until I passed out from whatever wonderful drug cocktail they gave me.

When I woke up, my tolerant and amused husband was by my side, letting me know that I had been talking about my penis.

I’m sore inside. My throat hurts. It feels like they gave me a breathing tube (“intubate her!”) but Ben doesn’t think that happened. Nobody indicated that anything went wrong, so it must be the anesthesia side effects.

I haven’t seen my kids since I sent them off to school Monday morning, but I heard them all getting in trouble with Daddy Monday night around supper time, so they must be fine.

Props to my girls who brought food-Kristy and Shelli, and cupcakes from Tiffany-and also to Melissa, Tiff, and Kristy for keeping various children after school so we could have an extra few hours of quiet around the house. And love to Coffee Rachel, Roxie, Kelly and Chuck, Lady Breland, McGraw, and all others who sent their prayers and good wishes and offers of assistance.

My daddy called me about an hour before we had to leave for the surgery center. He has always prayed with me before big things-and little things-and this was no different. I am really grateful for parents who consider this normal behavior, regardless of how much God hates me sometimes (and we know he does, I’m terrible to get along with).

I just finished watching “The Tao of Steve” and eating a couple of the mini-brownies Kristy brought, along with a glass of milk with ice (the best way to drink it).  I am about to fall over asleep again but still need more Lortab because I am a hurtin’ fool.

Wednesday morning, Ben will attempt to get all three kids ready for school for the first time ever. I hate the saying, “bless his heart,” but really–bless it. I’m going to go snuggle in bed, fall back into a drug-induced sleep, and enjoy the fact that no one will wake me up at 6 am.

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