About Ms Bossy Pants

I’m just your typical Southern Libertarian United Methodist mom and wife. I have three children, one husband, and an elderly Weimaraner.

I am not afraid to speak up.

I love God, and as a result I try to follow Jesus.

My talents include alphabetizing, categorizing, classifying, evading housework, and pushing the envelope. I’m also good at testing boundaries and pushing buttons.

Some might call me a gadfly. I welcome that label. I want to make people uncomfortable and really think about their views and opinions. They don’t have to change them–but I want to challenge everyone.

I don’t walk a party line. I am a terrible homemaker with a heart for home. I love listening to Willie Nelson and to the Arcade Fire while doing laundry.

Someday I want to be a librarian. Right now I am happy to be a school volunteer, scouting leader, wife, mom, and friend to those who will have me and tolerate my wackiness.


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