Things I Learned This Weekend

April 27, 2009 at 5:03 am (Uncategorized)

My seven year old is afraid of fire, esp. the fire on the hibachi grill at the Japanese place.

Dressing up to go out to dinner is passe. So we looked silly all dressed up, but we didn’t care. We enjoyed the stares.

Anniversary sex doesn’t have to happen on your anniversary to be great. It can be the next day and that’s okay, too (we had our eleventh wedding anniversary on Saturday).

Fifteen years with the same person has a nearly equal number of negatives and positives. The hardest work is stacking the positives in your favor.

Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” album is surprisingly good to listen to on a slow run.

I am back in my The Velvet Underground / Nick Drake / Leonard Cohen / Bruce Cockburn phase of music.

I reconnected with an old boyfriend. Not a romantic reconnection, obviously, but we had a great foundational friendship. Both of us have had hard times with our mental health over the years, though his times have been more trying, and looking back I can see why we were so close as teenagers.

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