All right already!

April 10, 2009 at 11:34 pm (Uncategorized) ()

After having some conversations with fellow hometown bloggy girls, and getting harrassed by CJ (which I really don’t mind at all, honestly), I am blogging right now. Just to do it. I have nothing to say, other than I love Pandora and Twitter now. I think Twitter has kind of taken over for my blog.

My children have all become excellent readers, but they don’t always want to stick with a book. They abandon books a lot, or it seems that way. I mentioned on Twitter that I had read “Coraline” aloud to my kids (who are 5, 7, and 8) and parts of other books like Wicked, because they just enjoy those kinds of stories, but they don’t have the patience to read them on their own.

So Neil Gaiman–and I am not making this up–sent me a message on Twitter that my kids might enjoy these other books by Diana Wynne Jones and Daniel Pinkwater. I was geeking out over getting an @ message from @neilhimself but my husband could not appreciate it. I was so excited but it felt empty somehow. Anyway, I ordered some of those books that Neil recommended, and look forward to finding out how many frakking AR points they are (do you know how I hate AR?).

What else?

My van is making weird noises. It sounds very dissatisfied with life. I am too comfortable in not having a car payment, though. I really don’t want a car payment and so I will keep driving it, getting the oil changed and such to keep it less miserable.

We have a puppy. He poops a lot. And barks a lot. And he’s adorable, too, and bugs the crap out of our elderly dog. sometimes she doesn’t mind it, but sometimes she bites back. He is still too much of a male to get the picture.

Had a fun night out last weekend with Charnita, who also neglects her blog. And then I ran into Leigh, another blog-neglector, in Publix today. We are in bloggy funks. Maybe we’ll start a girl band called the BloggyFunx.


  1. Heather said,

    Neil Gaimon twittered you?!!!! You are the coolest person I know. Ever. I am in love with that man in a serious, serious way. I listen to all of his books on audio because he has the best voice, most entertaining accents, and you can hear the love he has for his characters. I am so bad I have whole chapters on my ipod that pop up on shuffle and I stop everything I’m doing to listen again.

  2. msbossypants said,

    Heather, he did indeed. I saved it. It’s my prized possession. Here:

    neilhimself@methodusti Fair enough. Have you tried them on Diana Wynne Jones yet? Wonderful for reading aloud. Also Daniel Pinkwater.11:51 PM Apr 5th from web in reply to methodusti

    It was almost like getting an @tweet from Jesus. I’m not saying that to be disrespectful, but it was just that exciting.

  3. Mrs. Breland said,

    I can actually comment on yours but I am blocked out of mine. I might need to swap mine from blogger to word press huh? Do you lose your other posts? Glad to see you blogging again!

    • msbossypants said,

      WordPress imported everything from Blogger for me! It was wickedly wonderful. And I mean wickedly in a nice way.

  4. UziCue said,

    Good to see you back blogging it up. I’m a blog neglector too and need to remedy that.

  5. Charnita said,

    Yes, I am a blog neglector- And I had great fun with you! A band—-let’s do it!

    • msbossypants said,

      I don’t play any instruments, but I can sing in Italian and German, and I know how to make shakers from toilet paper rolls! You wear your Hooters shirt and I’ll wear my “I Love John Galt” shirt and we’ll kick ass all over town, baby.

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