Absentee Living

November 15, 2008 at 2:05 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Wow. I apologize for being absent. I got my meds straightened out, got to spend last weekend with my mom getting a massage and makeover, and then got my hair cut and colored. I talked my husband into getting us us a 50 inch plasma television. Then today, after the spending spree, my husband’s company announced they’re laying off 6,000 people. He survived the first round of layoffs, but this time it’s making BBC World News and and CNET and all that. I think his luck may be running out.

Let me talk about my massage experience at Santa Fe Day Spa at Village at Lee Branch. It was faaaaab. I scheduleda couples’ massage for me and my mom. The therapists were calming, professional, and used the right pressure. We sat in the steam room for a while and it was great.

Then we went to Sephora at the Galleria. Mom had wanted to try Bare Escentuals so we did that. I ended up with a nice cream eyeliner from Smashbox that works nicely with my eyes. I had a mojito at Ruby Tuesday that was the second-best drink I’ve ever had (first was the chocolate cake martini in Kona). We stayed at a so-so hotel and drove around in her little silver Porsche Boxster. We ended the night with a killer game of Super Scrabble where I scored over 400 points and mom over 300 points.

Tuesday had me at Sha Salon getting my layers cut. It had been a year since a cut. We cut more layers than length and it looks great. Wednesday I went back for color and went darker. It’s fantastic. I love it. I recommend Sha Salon to anyone. Rachel is who does our hair.

Next week is Twilight, which is the Big Deal I’m waiting for. Saturday the family will compete in a cyclocross race. Fun times.



  1. Bama Belle said,

    I love the new hair look! We missed you glad you are back.

  2. Bama Belle said,

    Wow, your time stamo is off. It is only 8:56 not 2:56 AM. I am a night owl, BUT not that late! LOL

  3. leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said,

    I miss you BOssy!

    Call me, I will go w/ you for a mojito, its my favorite!

    Good lcuk in the race!

  4. Hewy Nosleep said,

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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