October 31, 2008 at 2:18 am (obsessions) (, , )

I just bought my tickets for the midnight showing of Twilight on Thursday, November 20. I can hardly contain my excitement. I just checked myself in the mirror and my eyes are all wild. Okay, okay, that’s because I started back on the Focalin. Still. I am giddy. I called my friend Melissa and told her I was getting our tickets. Woo hoo. Got tickets to Twilight. Hopefully there will be no teenagers there that night, since it’s a school night.

I am sure I’ll be high the whole day waiting for it. And then, within two hours, it will all be over. Kind of like the Morrissey concert, though that does live forever in my heart. And I can get the Twilight DVD.

Also, November is National Novel Writing Month. Join the challenge if you’re not a chicken.

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  1. charnita said,

    I tend to be obsessive about things….and my niece jess brought me Twilight last night. I just started it today and have read 5 chapters in the last few minutes…..
    We will see if it turns out to be one of my obsessions……

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