October 27, 2008 at 4:17 am (Self) (, , )

The camping trip with the little girls was actual real fun. Watching some of the other Girl Scouts of similar ages bicker and tattle most of the time made me feel good that my girls don’t really do that. It helps that we’re a little group, I guess, but also the girls play together outside of Girl Scouts and I think that helps my cause.

I discovered yet another downside to being fat: those mummy sleeping bags that are so awesomely cozy do not fit around all of my body. From the boobs up I had to cover myself with a friend’s fleece blanket (a lovely goldfish print). This is sad because really more than anything else I can outside, I love camping. I realize the logical thing would be to take the weight off. I hope to, but I also think I need another sleeping bag. Surely there are other fat people who sleep in sleeping bags. I need to find out where these other fat people buy their sleeping bags. I wonder how I’ll find out. I can approach them at the outdoor store, I suppose, and say, “you’re about my size. Where do you get your sleeping bags?”

That may be too similar to, “you look about my wife’s size. Will you try this piece of lingerie on for me, please, so I can get an idea of how it will fit her?”

Sleeping bags, lingerie, it’s all nylon anyway.

Otherwise, I was very proud of my troop. They had planned the dinner and breakfast menus themselves, did a good portion of cleaning our cabin afterwards (vacuuming, sweeping, packing up their own stuff), and got along so well. Not like sisters, because sisters fight. More like cousins.

Now I’ve been home for 12 hours, showered, gone to the store, fixed supper, taken a short nap, spent some quality time with my husband, and done a little laundry. Time to settle into Breaking Dawn and see what kind of strange dreams I can have tonight. (Last week I had a really vivid dream starring one of my old friends from high school that I’d always been secretly in love with–the way I was secretly in love with all of my high school friends, honestly–and it went beyond interesting. A little awkward since we married folk sometimes like to pretend we’d never have a sex dream about someone besides our spouse.)

Also, Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream is so wonderful. Had I not been missing my husband so badly lately, on any other night, I might have been able to skip over the horizontal fellowship and just stick with the ice cream. It’s really that good.


  1. Bama Belle said,

    You are so funny, and what is more, I know you are very serious about this to.
    That is why we love you!
    Try Land’s End for sleeping bags. They are more of the “generous” cut! LOL HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Jess

  2. msbossypants said,

    thanks for the tip, Jess. Yes, I’m serious. But I was most serious about was the pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. It’s delightful and makes it hard to fit into mummy sleeping bags!

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