October 20, 2008 at 7:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Seems like lots of friends are dealing with big changes in family and health situations right now. I feel blessed to be in a stable situation, with improving health. Can’t say the same for my poor dog, who can hardly even walk down the hall without peeing all over herself now, but you know…

I have to say I’m feeling owned. It’s my fault, mostly. I do allow myself to get talked into doing things, even when I know better. It’s true that I like volunteering for things. That’s sort of my hobby, the way my husband builds, races, and rides bicycles. This is something in my personality that cannot be changed. I also like to read, and have been indulging myself in the guilty pleasures that are Stephenie Meyer’s books. If I had it my way, these would be the two things I’d do all the time. I don’t groan any more that I don’t have time for a hobby. I’m not the crafting type, though I’ve tried. I’m not athletic. So this is what I do.

But i have let it get out of control and need to gather myself. I’ve missed being involved in Cub Scouts with my son the last year and a half because Girl Scouts has taken over. I really wanted to be a troop leader and enjoy it, and I think I do a good job (now–I was not very effective my first year). But other responsibilities in that vein are taking over my life, only because I’m letting them. On top of being a sucker, I also am terrible at time management. I’m notorious for procrastination and it shows.

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