Fifty-six degrees of discomfort

October 5, 2008 at 2:40 am (Uncategorized)

No liquids or solids or even gasses for me after midnight Monday (which I guess is technically Tuesday).

I am going for the endometrial ablation Tuesday morning and am not happy about it. No, no, I’m thrilled about the surgery. If I can get rid of one side of the Monthly Triangle of Death (nasty black clumpy bleeding, unbearable fatigue, near-homicidal PMS-related moodswings and cramps) I will be happy. I can live with the unbearable fatigue and homicidal mood swings as long as the nasty black clumpy bleeding goes far, far away. This NovaSure thing should turn my Triangle of Death into a 56-degree angle of discomfort.

I can handle 56 degrees of discomfort.

The anesthesia part is freaking me out. My friend Coffee-Rachel advised me to demand a relaxant or something before they do the anesthesia.

My fear is that I won’t come out of anesthesia. Thankfully, Bama Belle has offered to get them to shave my legs should this happen. I’m thinking if I’m in coma for several weeks, maybe instead of shaving, have them wax me. I mean, if I’m out cold, why not?

On the positive side, I may have fewer or no periods and a great reduction in PMS symptoms. I will also get lots of sleep, which I need. The fatigue is already setting in.

Negatively, I will no longer be able to produce little children. My hubby put a stop to that several years ago, but still…I’ve talked about how I self-righteously chose to keep my fertility intact. It’s something I believe in strongly. All for nothing.

I just hope that when they’re burning off the lining of my uterus with radio waves, they’re not singing “burn m**f*r burn.”


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