Why institutions don’t know best when it comes to children

October 1, 2008 at 1:56 am (Uncategorized)

Even though I don’t yet homeschool my kids, I love the Christopherus Home School Journey lady. Here she goes off on school. And I can’t agree more.

Programs for little children should be in the morning – and that’s that. This is when they are most awake, when their digestive systems are supporting their growth and the outward gesture of being with other people. We in Waldorf talk about rhythms all the time – where is the healthful rhythm of having kindergarten in the afternoon or all day?! Kindie should end at lunch, when the children go home to have a hot meal and then a nap. Period.

This is from the post “Early Years Rant” by Donna Simmons on the blog the Homeschool Journey

But…. parents work and even those whose schedules can accommodate the inclusion of their children still send their little ones away, convinced that this is what they need. And so kindergarten programs, even in Waldorf schools, have now grown into full days. THIS IS WRONG! It is criminal! It makes cranky, tearful, stressed out children and is bad for their health and their development. And yes, there are many who seem just fine. But we are looking at a larger picture of health – and ill health does not always manifest in obvious ways. Sure, children can cope – even apparently thrive. Millions of children all over the world go to day care from babyhood – but is this, in the long run, healthy? Does it foster the kind of human relationships which we want? I would say NO! Yes – children can indeed adapt. But there is no good reason under the sun for policies or beliefs that little ones’ needs are better served outside the home.

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  1. Bama Belle said,

    As a homeschool Mom I say amen sister!

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