See, even my endometrium is rebellious!

September 27, 2008 at 3:51 am (Uncategorized)

I can’t complain about the noise of the evening (all three kids have a sleepover friend tonight) because I had a relaxing morning. Rachel, who’s become a good and trusted friend over the last five years, came over with coffee. We bundled up in blankets and chatted on my deck for a couple of hours, covering every possible topic–the takeover of WaMu by JPMorgan Chase, menstruation, cramps, Fort Lauderdale, Lamborghinis, people with multiple sex partners. It was a great time. The companionship combined with the brisk air set me up for feeling okay most of the day. Also, my sweet old smelly doggie was on the deck with us, lounging on her fluffy bolstered dog bed in a sunny spot.

To further my reputation as a spoiled princess, I got a pedicure and a manicure. I just want the people at Nail Star by Publix to know that I think they do a great job on my hands and feet, but I have figured out over the months when they are saying things like “fat lady” and “boobs” in their language and it’s just rude.

Now on to what you came here for: talking about my uterus.

After the horrible “trans-vaginal ultrasound” on Wednesday, we saw that I have nothing strange growing inside or attached to my lady parts. But the problems have gotten worse over the years and will not get better as time goes on. So I am having an endometrial ablation in about a week and a half. Several friends have had this procedure and say it changed their lives. I will probably still have the hormonal cycles monthly, with cramping and fatigue, but it most likely won’t be as bad. The other stuff–the yucky stuff that has been causing an increasing amount of grief since my third child was born five years ago–will probably stop completely, or almost completely.

With the upcoming surgery, I feel a little more…enlivened. I’m hopeful that some of my problems with fatigue and lack of focus–for which I have been taking ADD medicine for some time–will improve. I feel the need to get the house all in order (and boy oh boy is it disorderly now) beforehand, just in case something goes wrong. The NovaSure method requires general anesthesia, at least with my doctor it does, and that scares me. Just in case I never wake up, I want to be sure Ben and the kids have a freezer full of meals and stuff while they are out hunting for a new mommy.

Allow me my morbid sense of humor, please. Thank you.

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  1. Bama Belle said,

    LOL girl you crack me up. When is the proceedure? Let me know I will send a meal over to!

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