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September 11, 2008 at 6:32 pm (Uncategorized)

This morning, for the second time this school year, my five year-old had a total meltdown in the car line at school. Once again, the assistant principal had to physically remove her from the van. She was excited about going to school but got mad when I didn’t stop at the teacher she wanted me to (we have to drive all the way to the front).

My middle child is sick and we all overslept so we missed the bus. I dread driving because I have to go to two different schools. My son’s school starts at 7:45 but it is further away and the traffic is awful (this is why we do the bus). But the intermediate school office and traffic are so much easier to deal with than the elementary school office and traffic! So I prefer, if I have to check someone in, to check him in. Which is what we did this morning, after a long fight about how he always feels like he’s going to throw up and hates school.

These are not the children I know. We have excellent schools and teachers here. Socially my children are healthy. Academically they are above grade level. They all even have a good amount of common sense (how did that happen? they must have gotten it from their dad). So why does only one of them love school and the other two are asking me when I’m going to homeschool them?

Home-education would be my preference anyway, but my husband is not totally on board with it, mostly because of my “condition” (are there no other bipolar homeschooling parents? seriously.). I do enjoy the time during the day, for the most part, now that the kids are in school. But as soon as they get home, it’s a whirlwind of papers to sign and look at and dates to record and…just crazy.

I hate school. I love learning, but I hate school.

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  1. Bama Belle said,

    Hey Girl,
    You know I homeschool right? We love it and if you are curious give me a shout. I love talking about it and I am all for anyone who wants to.

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