Endorsements for Helena City Council

August 24, 2008 at 5:20 am (Uncategorized)

Miss Bossy Pants–Dusti Worley Chuang–endorses the following candidates for Helena City Council. Be sure to vote in the municipal election on August 26, 2008. Our polling place is Helena United Methodist Church (just in case you’re registered in the county but have never voted here). Helenans vote for ALL PLACES on City Council. We have the benefit of not being cut into districts so that each and every City Council member works for all of us.

Place 1–Leigh Hulsey (read her website)

Place 2–Hal Woodman (a bright and dear person–read his website)

Place 5–Judy Ellington (fabulous Judy–read her website)

Places 3 and 4 have no opposition. You can still vote for those places if you want. Cris Nelson and Jerry Pate are the candidates, respectively. I am sure they’re fine people. In fact, I’m sure all the candidates are fine people. That’s a great thing about Helena–the residents care about the city. But if you feel so compelled, you can write my name, Dusti Worley Chuang, in on the ballot. I will humbly accept your votes.

The City Council race is not about popularity, though we have some wildly popular candidates. It’s not about money, though a few candidates have spent a lot of dough on direct mailings and such.

Remember two things:

Elected office is not a career. It’s a service position that needs to lend its opportunity to other folks.

Helena is growing rapidly and needs a city council that is not incahoots with the current establishment! That’s not to say that we need to be anti-establishment for its own sake. But Helena needs people on City Council who will make attending its meetings a priority, take initiative in researching problems, and will maintain an openness with the citizens of our fair and lovely city.

I love Helena. Where else in a “rural” area could my kid be one of four Asian kids in her class?

We need Leigh, Hal, and Judy to go to City Hall and make a difference.

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  1. Leigh said,

    I wrote your name in for mayor….

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