Five hundred bucks

August 8, 2008 at 9:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I had to take my dog to the vet on the first day of school. Once the kids were out and I had showered and stuff, I drove her out to Dr. P’s and dropped her off. A few hours later, Dr. Abbitt called and said they needed to get a bigger urine specimen to do a culture, she needed some injections, etc. So she stayed overnight.

Today, before I left to get her, I called Karen at Companion and asked what the bill was. I was wondering if I’d need to transfer more money to our checking account. Yes, she said the bill amount and I nearly fell over. “Are you serious?” I asked. She said, “Yes, ma’am.”

Just a couple dollars shy of five hundred bucks. Does she think money grows on trees?

You’ll remember my dog is chronically ill with canine Cushing’s. She also has a lazy urethra (similar to Hank Hill’s narrow urethra on King of the Hill). This leads to severe urinary tract infections, which in turn get complicated and lead to things like last summer’s paralysis and extended hospital stay.

As if I weren’t already gonna be in trouble for my eBay clothing spree…guess we will be eating noodles for the next week!

(There is good news: Audrey got to come home today and is back permanently on the Propaline to prevent some of her Cushing’s-related problems. She is snoring on her bed right now, while my kids and the neighbor’s kids watch Nick.)



  1. HEWY said,

    Raise your children doctor’s and then invite the Vet to visit and get your money back!

  2. J said,

    It’s amazing how vets totally rip everyone off. They know that animals are like secondary children so they take advantage of that. Ugh. Hate VET BILLS!!!!

  3. Vycine said,

    I can’t resist but answer to the above comment…if it had been a human, that bill would of been $10,000. It costs $500 because we don’t have insurance that covers our pets. If you want medical care, you have to pay for it. However, you could be like the most of the population and consider pets disposable, and just get a new one when the other one “goes bad”.

    You pay for what you get, simple as that. you want good medical care for your animals, you gotta pay for it, just like anything else. Get pet insurance if you “HATE VET BILLS” so badly.

    Ok, off my soapbox. Sorry I got on it…couldn’t resist.

    However, the vet should of given you a quote on what that bill was going to be. I’d of been pissed if I’d of came in blind to that vet bill.

  4. MissBossyPants said,

    I hate vet bills, too, but really I understand the cost. Some vets around here also are less expensive, but these folks have been caring for my dog since she was a puppy.

    Jess, I did call ahead to get an idea of the bill. I was expecting two hundred or so, but didn’t realize we were taking home more meds. The proin and propalene cost a lot, and because she’d been vomiting they gave her a nausea medicine injection before they gave her an antibiotic injection…just a lot of stuff.

    So J, commenter, I am sure there are vets who rip people off, but thankfully mine isn’t one of them. He drives a Harley and has a nice camper, but my OB got a new BMW X5 after my third kid was born, and I am pretty sure we alone are not responsible for that LOL

  5. Leigh said,

    you always give me a chuckle. it is ridiculous. please check in to dr day at montevallo. he rocks and is dirt cheap. although I will be a loss when he retires one day….

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