How To Be Good

July 2, 2008 at 5:40 am (Uncategorized)

I’m no good at being good. I mean, I’m good, in that I do things that are good in the philosophical sense. Even with all the stupid I accomplish, I still also accomplish enough goodness each day to allow me to sleep at night (why can’t I sleep now?).

Being raised by a perfectionistic father has its benefits as well as its detriments. While he had exacting standards that could rarely be met, he also gave me a lot to be proud of. I never had to wonder, even for a second, if my parents loved me. The perfectionst attitude carried over into being sure my brother and I felt safe and loved (not always liked) and secure at home.

So why, when I used to be a “bleeding-heart liberal” (not an insult, I don’t think–I feel like these are people who care about the world and where it’s going), can I not make myself a liberal, or even a conservative? I find that I am becoming more and more a true libertarian every day.

I resist, but apparently resistance is futile.

Get us the hell out of the United Nations. Get us out of Iraq. Stop this ridiculous war on drugs and treat true drug addiction for what it is–a public health crisis. Let states decide their own educational systems. Don’t force kids to go to sub-par schools just because they are “in the school zone.”

Everything doesn’t have to be a constitutional amendment.

See, I tried to love Obama. Not just because I can’t fathom a world with John McCain as president but because I am, in my heart, a gentle and kind and loving person, someone who works hard to do my part to make the world better. Isn’t that what liberals are supposed to do? Want to make the world a better place, peace love and understanding and fa la la la la?

I can’t do it. I have to go with Bob Barr. Mostly because I just want to raise my kids, make the world a better place, and have the government leave me the hell alone.

Next chapter: Miss Bossy Pants drags her husband and kids to Montana to live on a remote “compound, complete with electric fences and “consultants” in trench coats and dark glasses.

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