I really am here,..reprisal

June 7, 2008 at 3:30 am (Uncategorized)

Wow, what a week. At the Cub Scout day camp parents’ meeting our group found out we didn’t have enough adults participating. It was rough. I worked some magic and managed to have a neighbor take my girls to their little VBS and another friend bring them home and let them play for a while. Then another friend and I worked out a deal for me to be at camp all week (which I really wanted) while she picked my girls up from VBS and kept them at my house.

That worked for one day.

Tuesday evening my left foot was caught in an avalanche of high-quality kitchen furnishings, including a very beautiful and heavy wooden cutting board from Williams-Sonoma. I was convinced it was broken, it hurt so damn much. Not being able to wear shoes–and also not being able to get an appointment with my own doctor because he was working as the director for the camp I was at!–I had to do a “work in” with his partner which took forever (to his credit, he was in a good mood for someone still there at 5:30 having had no breaks).

Not broken, not even fractured. Really, I feel like all this pain at least should earn me some sort of orthopedic device so I can lay on the histrionics. Still, I ended up missing camp the rest of the week (with the exception of a little time today) because I can only wear Crocs (and I can barely do that, it hurts still).

Last night, my headache made me realize I hadn’t changed my contacts out in a few weeks like I’m supposed to. I threw them out and put on my glasses. Guess what. This morning I realize I have no contacts left. Nice. So I am wearing my old glasses until the contacts come in, which will be about five days.

Baton has started back up. Violin begins next week. Our vacation bible school is also next week, as is my physcial where I find out that my cholesterol is somewhere around 500. Girl Scout Day Camp follows, then Summer art, then piano camp (which I’m still not sure about), then July comes and we have nothing planned. Nothing. Possibly VBS at our old church because we miss them and want to see them. Maybe a trip to PCB since I’ve heard it’s nice there now. Then school will start and I will be faced with my future.

anyone else want a mojito?


1 Comment

  1. Leigh said,

    Did someone say Mojito? Oh, I am so in!

    I guess we will see you at VBS next week. Mine will be there.

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