It Sux

May 15, 2008 at 9:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I spent most of today in bed, wallowing.

For one thing, I really can’t handle overcast skies. Rain is fine if the sun is shining. The problem is incomprehensible to me. When I was a teenager I loved dreary days. I think because as a teen I was a teeny bit melodramatic and loved wallowing in sadness. It made me happy, so to speak. Now I’m not content to feel that way, but it’s hard to get out of bed.

The weather issue was compounded by today being my “baby’s” last day of preschool. It’s not just that she’s growing up. Why would I be sad about her growing, learning, maturing? It’s that I love the staff at our preschool so very much. Other preschools around the area just don’t work the same way. The kids and families and teachers and aides aren’t the same, so interested and invested in the children under their care.

Tonight I have to be in three places at once. My husband is picking up my slack and doing one thing and I am doing another, and I have to miss the more fun of the three meetings because one is more important than the other. It sux. I write that like my 13 year old cousin on MySpace.

tomorrow will be more positive. Today I have frizzy hair, oily skin, sweaty pits from the humidity, and no drive to cook supper so we are probably ordering pizza.


  1. Drama Mama said,

    The humidity is doing a number on my hair and skin also- I was sweatin like a meatloaf earlier!

  2. HEWY said,

    We took advantage of the free chicken sandwiches from mcdees for dinner since I didnt want to cook either.

  3. Charnita's Xpressions said,

    We stayed in our pjs all day at my house-
    had mcds chicken for dinner as well.
    rainy days always get me down….
    Here’s to a better Friday!

  4. MRMacrum said,

    Just another day on the planet. There’s another one tomorrow. The trick is to wake up and try again.

  5. Leigh said,

    Hope it got better. You? Mellow dramatic? Come on!

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