The David Neal plot thickens

May 12, 2008 at 9:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Go to this page to read the lawsuit filed today by David Neal against Fox 6.

Something similar regarding medical issues happened to me when I worked for the state, but I ended up quitting. Having worked for a tort reform group before, I really didn’t want to enter the murky waters of being a plaintiff.



  1. HEWY said,

    Very Interesting!

  2. Leigh said,

    looks like its going to hit the fan….

  3. Michelle said,

    Something VERY similar happened to me when I worked at Pelham High School..I couldnt file a lawsuit because they disguised a firing as a non renewal..I was up for tenure and a psycho aide started rumors about me that were totally untrue, turned the lead teacher against me and when I called attention to it, the lead teacher lied about my performance on my yearly performance report, stating things that happened that never happened..The things that were mentioned were things the psycho aide did..I even asked the assistant principal that gave me my evaluation if that was the other aides eval, not mine..It was quite obvious what was happening..Sad thing was, the powers that be lied to the new assistant principal about me as well..The assistant principal before her knew me very well and would have known those were all false allegations..If she had been there, she wouldnt called BS on all of it..Anyway, by the time I found out, it was too late to have someone help me out..I got another job in the county after that and the program specialist that had me fired from Pelham saw my name on the new hire list on the website and had my name removed, stating that I was not approved..I guess she was scared I would go after her once I got tenured..Which I wouldnt have..I needed the job and the insurance.. My oldest went without insurance for about 3 months because my hubby couldnt put him on his and his dad wasnt taking care of his business..

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