Out on the Weekend

May 12, 2008 at 3:59 am (Uncategorized)

We were packed over the weekend. I know you’re absolutely dying to know what went on, so let me give you every single detail, including things you don’t want to know.

Friday night was the sleep study, the results of which are still unclear to me. AFter a nap, the husband took our son to see Iron Man (which they loved) while I took the girls down to Buck Creek Festival to play. We all got hot and sweaty. My youngest decided to get her face painted, then changed her mind and wanted her arm painted since her face would get too sweaty. She is like the sweatiest kid in the universe so I give her props for making a good decision. In line for the arm-painting, someone asked “Is your name Dusti?” And it was Shadowhelm! And his lovely wife and very cute and clever daughter–both of whom I’d met before! I was about ready to hug him for not calling me by my handle. People who knew me from NOTA back in the day in Montgomery will still call me Virty, which was my old handle.

I liked the way the festival was set up. Five dollar armbands for the inflatables was fantastic, but my kids mostly played on the playground equipment anyway. Everyone saw lots of friends and it was a nice social time. Eventually my husband and son showed up, and the hubby took over with the kids so I could go work at the rock climbing wall for the Civitan Club.

Taking money at the rock climbing wall was just one of our responsibilities there with Buck Creek Civitans. We also had people working the shuttle vans and concession stands. Watching the kids on the climbing wall was enlightening. I remember a time when I went rapelling as part of a hig ropes adventure course in high school. Terrified me! Now I’d love to do it.

Sunday the girls tried to make me breakfast. It involved applesauce, ham, and Wild Cherry Pepsi. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Dexter’s Lab, but it was one of my favorite shows ever and had a Mother’s Day episode where the husband and kids try to do all the things for the mom and it drives her literally insane.

We went to Sunday School where I did a so-so job of leading the discussion on Pentacostalism. We didn’t attend services because I slept past the early one and really don’t like the later one. Instead we went home where there was discussion about where Mom wants to go to lunch. Zoe’s Kitchen is always my first choice when given one. Well, the hubby complained that the parking situation is really bad there. He made a few more suggestions and I said, “Well, no, I want to go to Zoe’s Kitchen.” I was badly craving the chicken and fruit salad plate.

I got my way. When we got home I left for the grocery store. Then when I had all my giant cart of stuff rung up, I realized my debit card was at home. I felt stupid. They assured me that it happens every day and they’d hold it in the cooler for me. A few minutes later I got back, paid for my stuff, loaded the car, got home, made a supper that Ben and I liked but the kids hated. They ended up pouring themselves cereal.

So there. Now no one has to ask me how my weekend was. At some point Saturday night I tried watching Transformers on Cinemax but kept falling asleep. When there’s too much action on the screen I seriously zone out. Too bad, because I’m sure I missed some good Shia LeBouef moments.



  1. Leigh said,

    SO sad I missed seeing you at the BCF. I looked for you. Paul Samsom said he talked to Chris Emory’s wife and thought she was you. LOL!
    I dont knwo her but will have to see if she is a good look alike.
    Zoes-YUM. Love their slaw, potato salad (yeah! no mayo in it) and pasta. Thats what I get eachtime.
    A couple moths ago, I did the same thing at Publix, they wheeled my cart into the freezer int he back and I was back in 5 minutes. Felt dumb. They assured me too. Embarrassing…
    HAppy MOMs day!

  2. Leigh said,

    I hope that was you sitting outside of BMC today that I yelled at as I drove by. Sure looked like you, unless it was the look alike? LOL!

  3. MissBossyPants said,

    That was me, Leigh. We almost didn’t notice they were turning the lights off LOL

  4. Drama Mama said,

    That is too funny about the breakfast- Wild Cherry Pepsi- Gotta love that!

  5. Shadowhelm said,

    Good to meet you as well. I always feel a little weird when I hear my “cyber” identity used in public so I always try to use a person’s real name if I know it.

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