Accomplishment check

May 1, 2008 at 4:03 am (Uncategorized)

Today was my first full day taking FocalinXR. Indeed I was so focused that for a few minutes I sat staring out the window until I was nearly blind. Then I had to call my neighbor to come check my eyes. My pupils seemd mighty small. Indeed she said they were little pinpoints. No wonder I had such a headache!

Other than those little glitches, which will probably work themselves out, I did do better today. I cooked but didn’t leave the stove on. I didn’t lose track of time at all. I managed to get the daily house stuff–dishes, a little laundry, picking up–done plus some other stuff. The remote for the DVD player in our room had been lost for months and I found it. I updated my planner to include my volunteer time at the Buck Creek Festival. I did some more planning for my husband’s birthday Sunday.

At the end of the day I had enough energy to fix supper for the kids and make sure they all got properly showered (you know, the sniff test). We even got upstairs with enough time for me to do a short reading with all three, and only once did the littlest one get out of bed and try to work me over.

I also downloaded new music from eMusic. I upgraded my subscription so I get 50 songs a month for $14.99. I’ve discovered some good stuff between eMusic and Sirius Left of Center. Today I downloaded two early Pixies albums that I had as a kid but lost, some more Robyn Hitchcock, and the new album by the Weepies. Then tonight I finally got to watch Knocked Up, starring the absolutely precious Seth Rogen and Jason Siegel. I have never watched Grey’s Anatomy so I’m not familiar with Katherine Heigl, but I thought she had really good comic timing.

Now that I’m able to focus better, I need to retrain my brain and my body to do the things that need to get done, not just the stuff I want to do. I really want to spend Thursday back at Amphitheater Park with my dog, playing. But mountains of things that I’ve neglected over the last few months of psychological decay are letting me know they need to get done.

I’m really chatty on this stuff, too. I was a talker before but whoo. Anyone up for coffee?



  1. Leigh said,

    Busy, busy girl!

  2. Michelle said,

    LOL I take 40mg daily of Adderall..20 in the morning and 20 around 2 or 3..Ill join ya for coffee.. lol I talk alot on it..Hubby one time looked at me and was like “what the heck, why are you talking so much?” Adderall my friend.. lol It does help me focus though..It is sad when you forget BOTH doctors visits as well as a baseball game for one of your children in ONE DAY..Yeah, my doc heard that and wrote me the script for 40mg.. lol

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