Crazy Bus Driver

April 24, 2008 at 7:45 pm (Uncategorized)

I should move this post. I don’t know.

My kids’ bus driver is apparently the minister at a church here in Helena. According to the kids on the bus, he also curses at them. i know for a fact he’s mean, just plain mean, to the kids on the bus.

I have called and complained a couple of times before abouth is behavior. I always get “he’s a preacher at that church over there.” SO? That doesn’t mean he doesn’t lose his temper and use inappropriate language!

I’m now going to get my controversial Libertarian Minivan in the car rider line every afternoon until we work something out. There’s another bus that comes to the bottom of our hill that I could drive the kids to without contributing to Helena traffic any more. It seriously is making me nuts. Why can’t this guy just quit, or get fired? I don’t expect a school bus driver to be the kids’ best friend, but for heaven’s sake he needs to at least watch his mouth and not be mean to little kids. Especially little girls.


  1. Dullbert said,

    Try putting some type of recording device in the oldest ones book bag. If I’m not mistaken this is perfectly legal in Alabama (as long as one party knows they are being recorded). Get the crotchety SOB on tape and go to the school board.
    Now of course it’s always easy to offer advice but I can’t honestly say I would actually go through with this … just a thought.

  2. Leigh said,

    I would drive them to the other bus stop, but not without telling the school one last time what is going on.Maybe you will get someone that will listen. Have you spoken with Ms. Copper? JUst follow the chain of command and if one person doesn’t listen, perhaps the next one will.
    That is really an unfair situation though. I too would be mad. Thank goodness we have a good one .

  3. MissBossyPants said,

    And now I can’t get a straight answer out of any kids I ask. I am soooo glad we only have 20 school days left!

  4. Leigh said,

    Me too!

  5. Kelly said,

    We will see how it all unfolds! I’m certain S’s teacher will email me back about talking to Mr. Arendall. Maybe that will help!

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