My Bloggy Be Fries

April 21, 2008 at 7:19 am (Uncategorized)

Oh, Leigh. She named me a Bloggy Be Frie. Remember those “Best Friends” necklaces and such?

A couple of blogs I check every day, hoping to see new posts. A couple I check more than once a day. I have them bookmarked on my cell phone so I don’t miss anything funny while I’m in traffic. I read lots of blogs occasionally, but these I really am devoted to.

Give me the Booger
SJ the Mom and I were at lunch at McDonald’s (forgive us!) when our kids were much younger than they are today. She told me she had a blog. It was like a BIG SECRET. She wouldn’t tell me what it was called but said I could try to find it. And I DID. And the thing about SJ is that she is so genuine. What’s on her blog is not all that’s going on in her life, but she is very true to herself on there. We don’t see each other like we used to but she is honestly a fabulous, genuine, trustworthy person, despite what you read on her blog LOL Her kids are pretty fabulous too.

I can’t remember how I found his blog. He, SJ, and I all went to the same high school and college, just at different times. We also have some very strange connections that I guess he knew about way before I did. Hewy doesn’t just keep the Helena stuff rolling on his blog, but he shares some funny and sweet things on his blog. I know that if there’s something happening in Helena, I can find it there, and get a chuckle too.

I knew who Leigh was a while back because our kids went to the same preschool. I remember hearing J Smooth’s name being called in carpool there. I found her blog through HEWY’s. And then on New Year’s Eve, at the skating rink in Bessemer, I heard, “excuse me, are you Miss Bossy Pants?” and the rest is history.

Okay, HEWY said it best…brevity is the soul of wit. Dullbert is way funny, observant, and smart. I think he knows me, but I don’t know who he is and it drives me stinking crazy!



  1. Leigh said,

    Ahhh, yes…those words, “Excuse me, are you miss bossy pants…” and the look of horror and question on your face was priceless!
    Now you do know that EVERYOne and their mother is going to ask you who Hewy is….expect me. If he wants to stay anon, then so be it. ALthough now that I think he does know me by association, it does make me wonder a bit more. But , if he prefers to remain a man of mystery…who wants to pull him outta the rabbit hole.

    I enjoyed your and Hewy’s post on this. They gave me big smiles!

    So glad I inquired, Bossy, I have enjoyed getting to know you. You are a doll!

  2. Michelle said,

    ROFL at what Leigh just said because didnt I basically say the SAME THING to you when you came into my store? LOL “You are MsBossyPants!” hahahahahahaha

  3. Dullbert said,

    Bossy I really don’t know you but I recently saw you(briefly, hee hee)

  4. Leigh said,

    ok, who am I kidding…now I am dying to know since he knows who I am.

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