Miss Bossy Pants and the Fuzz

April 18, 2008 at 2:32 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, okay, I didn’t do anything wrong.

The biggest problem facing my neighborhood is that people park on the streets for long periods of time. And sometimes, they park their giant yellow utility trailers on narrow streets in blind curves! And even law abiding, controversial-minivan-driving citizens like Miss Bossypants back out of their BFF’s driveways and right into said stupid frakking utility trailers.

We knew not who belonged to the trailer. The friend whose driveway I was backing out from (which i’ve done several times, successfully) told me her neighbors were having foundation work done on their house (yeah, that worries me too! in my neighborhood!) and it belonged to the contractor. I called the Helena Police from my cell phone because I didn’t want to get accused of a hit and run (even though my vehicle was the one with the yellow paint all over it).

The officer shows up and is nice and has braces, and then tells me he used to date the girl who used to live in my friend’s house. Still haven’t discovered the relevance of that comment, but I am grateful that he was nice to me and went next door to get someone from the foundation company out there.

I left messages for the guy in charge at the foundation place and he called me back. He said I should contact my insurance company, and made sure he gave me his insurance broker’s information.

Don’t these companies want to settle without filing police reports and claims? I just want my bumper painted. I thought about just getting more bumper stickers to put on it, but Mr Bossy Pants vetoed that idea. Maybe the guy doesn’t realize he was unlawfully parked? I don’t know. I’m still going over it all in my head.

I am proud of myself for not breaking out into major curse words on the phone. But we still don’t have my husband’s medical claims from last fall settled, and I really don’t want to mess with the insurance people.

So that’s my police encounter for the week. I didn’t even do anything wrong.


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  1. Dullbert said,

    Ya Gangsta !

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