Bells will be ringing

April 14, 2008 at 11:38 am (Uncategorized)

On Sunday, my parents celebrated 34 years of marriage. If you’re bad at math, that means they married on April 13, 1974. Their wedding was held at Aurora Church of Christ in Aurora, Indiana. My parents are infamous for their…amourous behavior. Even when they’ve been arguing.

Here’s the story as I understand it.

My Papaw agreed to send my dad to Indiana State for college. In his first semester, my dad screwed off so badly that Papaw said he was withdrawing financial support. Dad understood that if he didn’t do something–go to college somewhere else, join the military–he was fated to work at the KFC or the Seagram’s factory forever. So he joined the Air Force.

My mom lived in the same town she’d grown up in, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mom is one of eight kids in a blended family (my granddad was a widower with four kids when he met my grandmother) that had its share of heartaches. My uncle was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 12, and it caused developmental issues. My mom’s twin sister was/is deaf and at the time, the only place for her to get education was at the Iowa School for the Deaf. So mom finished high school and went to work full-time. She had an apartment. My grandfather wouldn’t let the girls drive so mom had to walk everywhere or get a ride, but since it was a small town that didn’t seem like a big deal.

My parents apparently met in a bar. Mom bought him his acoustic guitar that he still prefers over all his others. Then they lived in sin for a couple of months before they decided to tie the knot. First they lived in Nebraska (where my dad was stationed, across the river from my mom’s hometown in Iowa). Soon after we moved to Italy, then Louisiana, then Kentucky, then New Mexico, then Ohio, then Alabama. Our last move as a family was to Montgomery in 1991.

I tell you, there have been great times and then awful times, but my parents are a good example of how marriage can still work today. At one point my dad was working two jobs and my mom was working full-time also (when I was a baby) and they were probably getting food stamps, too. Fast forward to today and they’re much better off. They’ve survived a lot (my dad’s January heart attack is just one example).

For what it’s worth, my grandparents (mom’s parents) have been married for 56 years. My in laws have been married for at least 36 years. Mr. Bossy Pants and I have some good examples to follow. I think we come from “good marriage stock.”

Happy anni, mom and dad! Mine is coming next.


  1. Leigh said,

    Congrats. And wow. As mentioned, Big Daddys fmaily is from Indiana. His parents both were in the Air Force. They move around alot….wonder if about the same time and if they know one another. How long was your dad in the Air Force? I am going to ask Tom’s mom and find out where she enlisted…

  2. HEWY said,

    Wow a great story! You parents were strong people!

  3. Leigh said,

    bloggy bling and link love for you at my place….

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