Fishing Frenzy Postponed; Big Mtn Idol

April 12, 2008 at 2:49 am (Uncategorized)

I got this email from friends at Grace Church in Helena (Grace is one of the event sponsors–great people):

Due to the amount of rain received today, the Free Fishing Frenzy at Joe Tucker Park in Helena has been postponed. Another date has not yet been set.
Thank you!


Plan Accordingly.

I did make it to Big Mountain Coffee. I was later than I wanted because my husband didn’t want me to leave him captive (rain makes our kids act crazy), and then the friend I was wanting to take with me lured me away for a while with a Stella Artois.

I did get to see Megan, Chris, Emily, and Jordan perform. Alison, Jonathan, and Josh won’t be returning as performers next week. Megan reminds me of Karen Peris of my favorite band The Innocence Mission–her voice is very clear and powerful and controlled. She sang an original–her mother told me she writes all her own songs. Emily sang that catchy Ingrid Michaelson song “The Way I Am” and was awesome. Chris did a clever cover of Semisonic’s “Closing Time,” in which he altered the lyrics to fit a coffeehouse setting (“whiskey and beer” was changed to something coffee-related). This was a popular song when I was in college and it brought back happy memories of driving home from work in downtown Montgomery. Jordan’s song was sort of gritty, but the chief complaint from the judges was that his voice was too smooth for the song.

It was hot and crowded but not as hot and crowded as last week. Also, Helena teenagers seem to be really more polite. Maybe it’s because they recognize me from church (liket he 50 churches I’ve belonged to over the last 8 years).

Next week I hope to hear more! Leigh, Michele wanted to know where you were!



  1. Leigh said,

    I know. I felt so bad, but it was a damned if I dont damned if I do situation. I WILL be there next week. WILL! WILL you? Hope so! I was glad to read your report on it. I think Megan’s voice sounds like Nora Jones.

  2. MissBossyPants said,

    I’ll work on being there next week. Mr. Bossy Pants is getting sort of annoyed with me wanting to go every Friday night but I have my ways of quieting him LOL

  3. Leigh said,

    I wish that worked at my house. Big Daddy just says, :When can you leave?’ LOL!
    Quiet him down, and see ya Fri night….better yet, bring him along!

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