Adventures in Absolutely Nothing Important

April 9, 2008 at 3:05 am (Uncategorized)

Tonight my son was one of the better-behaved boy at his den meeting. For the first time. E V E R.

I go nuts when people don’t answer their phones. I realize that it’s totally optional on the recipient’s end to answer, but seriously…why would you have a phone if you never planned on answering it?

And why would you make plans to meet your friend Dusti at Big Mountain if you didn’t plan on being there or calling to cancel? Argh. Not like pirate arrrr, but frustrated argh.

I registered my “baby” for kindergarten today. This is my third time in four years registering a kid for kindergarten, and I wish it had been a bigger deal for me. I’ve had more “alone time” with the youngest than with any of the others and while I’ll miss some of our bizarre and funny conversations in the car, I can’t say I’m crushed she’ll be in school. Other than the fact that I hate the concept of state-sponsored schooling. Hmmmm. That sounds like another blog post, though.

My middle child turns six on Wednesday. She already had her party and is no doubt going to weasel every bit of attention, privilege, and special treatment she can out of us. We expect nothing less. I’ll update my MySpace profile with a little slideshow for those who are my myspace friends.

Lots of things are going on and I’m overthinking stuff again. My husband and I share this tendency but we do it with different issues, making one of us believe we don’t care about what’s important to the other. Of course we care. Neither of us can focus enough on one thing right now. I’ll be blogging later this week about the horrible events of seven years ago, when our lives were nearly devastated by our own blindness and selfishness. Sometimes we–meaning humanity in general, not just my husband and I–fall into these traps of thinking “I’m the only one giving anything here.” Because we cannot open our eyes to the value of the things our partner is giving.

Oh, my head hurts! I need a good funny something or other. How about this:

Captain Awesome
Funny Pictures and Myspace Layouts at



  1. Leigh said,

    like the chaneg in look -again!
    Hope it wasnt me you were calling. I didnt miss did I? In fact, lets shoot for next week, this week is so harried….ok?
    Hope little one is feeeling better!
    Cant wait to hear about the slefishness and such…really. I always love to read your perspective on things. You make me laugh!
    Have a great day.

  2. Dullbert said,

    ok I’m having a bit of a twilight zone moment here. Just posted and popped over here to browse and I see James T.!! Go over to my site and see just how awesome spock thinks James T Kirk is :). Thats pretty strange ???

  3. MissBossyPants said,

    Leigh: no, it wasn’t you! LOL We’re good for next week, though. I’ve decided to outlaw sickness in my house.

    Dullbert: that’s tooooo funny. I love the Brokeback Trek thing. I missed William Shatner on some show last night. I love the “Common People” song he did with Joe Jackson, and the “That’s Me Trying” song with Ben Folds. Jack of all trades indeed.

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