Rainy Day Women

April 6, 2008 at 2:56 am (Uncategorized)

Today my middle child had her birthday party. It was one of those “glam makeover” type things, except since we didn’t have it at that whore place in the mall it was really cute. I overlooked the fact that the girl who booked the party wasn’t just not working at the store any more, but she had never made any record of the party being booked or my $25 deposit. At the end the manager gave us a 20% discount because of the trouble. Her name is Amber, and the store is Justice (Alabaster location). The women there did a phenomenal and professional job handling the situation. I can’t recommend a party there highly enough.

Also, the people at Dairy Queen really surprised me. We knew the cake would be good, but they set out balloons and stuff and reserved tables for us. Ashley Reid, their “cake lady,” did a cute cake for Alex and told me they do themed parties there with paper products and everything (if you’re into that sort of thing).

I was exhausted in the end. The manager of Justice told me that I didn’t even have to stay for the party, so my friends and I walked to Books-a-Million where we saw my neighbor (who is a good friend–we’ve saved one another’s asses a few times) and the four of us took over the cafe. when my husband and son came in, they sent me a text message from the magazine section saying, “we can hear you guys all the way back here.” Heh.

I could also still feel that skunky pinot in my chest, almost like heartburn (wineburn?). Deedra joked about sneaking wine into Big Mountain next time, and next time I might have to do that. I’m sure I can find a cute Hello Kitty flask online.



  1. Lady Blognanimous said,

    lol @ “Hello Kitty flask”! Sounds like she had a great Birthday Party. Way to go, Mom! I watched one of those stores doing those girlie dress-up parties last time I was at the mall. It was one of the stores that sells all kinds of Hannah Montana stuff. They had the girls all dressed-up and taught them a song and dance performance while the parents video-taped. It was really cute. My kids always want to invite the world to their parties, so we get stuck going to pizza party places. Tons less than expected end up actually showing up, but what can you do?

  2. MissBossyPants said,

    LB: I made her invited every girl in her class and thankfully not all of them showed up LOL

    Note: I forgot to mention the best part of the party. Two of my good friends who don’t really know one another got to chat and be friendly! I absolutely love when I get to introduce people who hit it off together! I wonder if there’s a paying job somewhere with that description?

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