How I Met Your Father

April 4, 2008 at 5:29 am (Uncategorized)

Today I can begin the three-week countdown to my tenth wedding anniversary. Seven years ago no one thought we would make it this far. My hubby and I have a long and colorful history, and I’d like to share it with total strangers on the internet. And I’d like to see you share your stories too.

This serves a couple of purposes. First, I just enjoy telling how we met. It’s interesting. Really! Second, things are a bit disconnected at home right now. He’s been traveling a lot, business has been slow for everyone in his area (he sells data storage equipment to universities, governments, and hospitals in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and part of Georgia), and money has not been what we’d like it to be. For our tenth anniversary it would have been nice to go on a trip or have a big dinner with friends and family. Not going to happen.

I like remembering what brought us together to start with. The parade of daily activities I attend to for the five of us sometimes conceals the qualities that attracted us to one another fourteen years ago.


I graduated from high school in 1994. My boyfriend had revealed to me that he was gay and this was devastating to my ego (though he and I were not a good match at all). I desperately wanted to get back with the boy I’d dated at the beginning of my senior year. He worked his ass off at Chick-Fil-A and had an apartment over near where a bunch of my other friends had apartments (remember when you could get a three bedroom apt for $400 a month?).

This old boyfriend, John, had a roommate named Greg. Since John and I were still friends (though I thought I was desperately in love with him) I hung out at the apartment and Greg showed an interest in me. Lots of strange things happened that I won’t recount here since I will probably see some of you at the local Publix or something this weekend and want to be able to show my face. I halfway pursued Greg only because I wanted to be at the apartment every minute so I could work my feminine magic on John.

Greg had this bizarre friend named Ben. They were in the math department at AUM together (see, math. Already you’re interested, I see!). Eventually John got back together with another old girlfriend (my friend Summer) and I was getting a little tired of Greg. But I was still at the apartment all the time since I lived with my parents. And Ben was there because….I don’t know, because i was there, I guess.

With Ben it started out friendly. Then my mother noticed that Ben and I were inseparable friends. We would spend 15 to 18 hours a day together before we even hinted at a romantic interest in one another. I didn’t run an errand without him. He would come to the record store where I worked and wait for me to close and we’d go to Waffle House.

One day we were chatting online and I finally just said something like, “I’ve had an on-again/off-again crush on you. Mostly on.” And from there, the rest is history.

We went on double dates with John and Summer. I remember the four of us going to see Forrest Gump together. That John is a good guy and we still keep in touch. He has a sweet wife and some great kids. My husband also has a sweet wife and some great kids.

During his last quarter at AUM, Ben and I took an art appreciation class together(It was my first quarter there). I still have the textbooks, I think, where we wrote little notes to each other (we’d better hide those from the kids!).

So I can tell my children that I met their daddy when I was dating a boy to make another boy jealous. It didn’t work, but it worked out.


  1. Leigh said,

    That is such a sweet story. Adn yes! A good ending. I am going to have to pick when I see you at Publix for the whole truth (smile). I hope that you both will make time to go out and celebrate and have a great evening!

    PS-are you going to Big Mnt tonight?

  2. MissBossyPants said,

    Leigh: the truth is essentially the same but much steamier LOL I know people at preschool read my blog so I won’t go into too much detail. After a couple of cocktails I will open up more!

    I really want to go to Big Mo and my son and neighbor want to go to see Star Wars at HUMC. Since Ben doesn’t do social activities I may have to split my time. I really want to go to Big Mo. Look for me. I’ll be all harried and flustered with beautiful children in tow.

  3. Leigh said,

    Oh, good! I hope to see you there!

  4. Lady Blognanimous said,

    Cute story. Should have scanned in some old photos for that one!

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