Recycling nightmare

April 2, 2008 at 8:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Before I load up all my recyclable crap in the minivan, I like to drive by the bins at the Sports Complex to make sure they’re not full.

This morning I saw tons of stuff surrounding the green bin, but the doors were open and the bin was empty.

Please know, MG Machinery people on Hicks Drive, that I went through all the mail you left on the ground around the recycling bins.

And anyone who’s buying organic blueberry waffles ought to know not to leave their crap all over the ground.
I spent some time putting crap in the bins, then got grossed out and realized I didn’t have my trusty latex gloves with me. I drove home, got the gloves, and came back to put some stuff back in. After a while, I just couldn’t take it any more. The smell was awful.

Someone left glass wine and beer bottles there, though there’s no trash can there to place them in.

Blogger Deedra showed up with her stuff and asked for a pair of gloves so she could load some of the stuff from the ground into the bins, too.

I suppose we have nothing better to do than clean up someone else’s messes. Here are photos. I didn’t have my camera when I got there the first time, but imagine seven or eight bags and boxes of stuff sitting around and that’s what it looked like.


  1. Deedra said,

    Hi, It was good meeting you today too. I spent about 10 minutes picking up the stuff but couldnt get the big garbage bags and big boxes in there. Thanks for the gloves!! I wouldnt have done it without them. You would think that people would have enough common sense not to put stuff on the ground.

  2. MissBossyPants said,

    And you can call me Missy if you want to 😉

  3. HEWY said,

    LOL! I love the going through the mail part. You are Helena CSI.

  4. Michelle said,

    UUGHHHH You have just proven my point that ONCE AGAIN people continuously PISS me off!!! That is absolutely RIDICULOUS.. Some people are just CLUELESS.. My oldest son did service hours for the “Give Me Five” project at the ballpark for the opening day 2 years ago and he said he had never seen so many rude people just leave their stuff and walk off..I guess the world is their trash can!!!

  5. MissBossyPants said,

    Michelle: when we are out at a park, river, anywhere outside, my kids usually start picking up trash and throwing it away. They’re so used to hearing me bitch about it and then start cleaning LOL It’s almost reflexive for them.

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