Choose Your Identity

April 2, 2008 at 8:05 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve recently come across a couple of older posts by Shadowhelm and Skillzy that made me think about public identity and public image.

Skillzy at one point had a date with a fellow blogger. This is a woman I have known since our older kids were itty bitty. She’s fricking awesome. What Skillzy did, though, was not tell this woman that he read her blog and knew who she was. I think it didn’t work out for other reasons, but I wonder if he’ll ever tell me what the reaction was when he fessed up. I’m afraid to ask SJ.

Shadowhelm blogged at the beginning of his Utter Waste of Time about how a person’s blog is all the reader has to figure out the blogger’s personality. We ascribe those traits we find on the blog to that blogger, but the blog is really just a tiny part of the blogger’s personality.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet other bloggers in my area. Mostly because I am open about my identity and also really nosy and into everyone’s business (well, it’s true–might as well own up to it). I wonder which is really the real me–Miss Bossypants or Dusti? I feel like Miss Bossypants is a pretty good representation of myself. But of course it isn’t everything. I don’t mind people saying, “Are you Miss bossypants?” when they see me somewhere because I don’t say anything on my blog I wouldn’t say in real life. I feel I am an open book. Someone might be surprised to find out that I am Miss Bossypants but since my photo is on my blog…I’d just say “duh.”

I wonder if blog readers who know me in real life think that Miss Bossypants is an accurate reflection of my personality. Sadly, I am not a mysterious woman, but very much in plain view with most of my heart on my sleeve. Luckily I am already married and don’t really have anyone to impress!



  1. HEWY said,

    See now I feel bad…

  2. MissBossyPants said,

    but you shouldn’t feel bad, hewy. I knew from the beginning I was not going to be anonymous. You obviously value your privacy more than I value mine LOL

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