Tips for Men

March 31, 2008 at 3:58 am (Uncategorized)

Here are a few tips for men. This comes about because right now I am being ignored by a husband who is engrossed in Super Smash Brothers. At the same time, he feels neglected by me because I am not sitting in watching every move he makes on Super Smash Brothers.

1. When you wife or lady friend says, “Can I get you a drink?” the anser is not, “I don’t care.” Yes or no will do.

2. When your wife or lady friend asks what specific beverage you want in your glass, “I don’t care” is also not acceptable. Surely you know if you want water or milk or tea or blood or urine.

3. In fact, “I don’t care” is not ever an acceptable answer for anything. If your wife said, “may I go down on you? you would not dream of saying, “I don’t care.” Keep that in mind and pay attention!

4. Text messages work best when reaching your wife at an important function, like down the street drinking happy amounts of wine with her book babe friends. No need to actually make the phone ring.

5. The night before you leave for a weeklong trip is not the time to let me know you’re out of socks. I really don’t mind doing your laundry, but you have to actually dig the dirty socks out from under the bed if you want them washed.

Ladies and gentlemen, this advice comes from a woman who tolerates and indeed appreciates some sassiness from her man. He’s a fine husband and father and human being. But if you’ve been with a woman for 14 years, shouldn’t you know not to screw with her during PMS week?

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  1. Abbey said,

    Bossy, I have one more. When your wife is in the kitchen fixing herself a beverage and asks if she can make one for you, never say “I’ll get it in a minute” … that infuriates me!! It’s like I’m not good enough to make his fricking iced tea! I want to do little things for him and he won’t let me – that’s really pisses me off.

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