The joys of Sleeplessness

March 28, 2008 at 8:27 am (Uncategorized)

ACtually, I was asleep earlier. The dog woke me up because she felt she needed to go prowl around outside and get into a barfight with a a raccoon or something. I already was not feeling so well stomach-wise so I decided to have a starchy little snack to try and help. Didn’t work.

Part of the problem may be that I spent too much time in meetings today. I do not have a paying job. Frankly, my mornings right now consist mostly of me avoiding housework by running errands while the youngest is at preschool, or volunteering at the schools for something or other. Thursday morning involved a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon committee meeting that lasted an hour. Apparently I missed the first meeting which means any ideas I might have had mean nothing. It’s our last year there after five consecutive years and I wanted to help out with this annual event…and now I need to either figure out how many breakfast casseroles we need to feed 40 or so people, or how I can get local businesses to give us a huge price break on already-made ones.

The other meeting I had Thursday involved Girl Scouts. This is hit or miss. We were unfortunately missing the two woman who normally keep our smartassness in check. Well okay, the smartassness comes out anyway, but it was a little looser than normal, which I did not need. I’d left my poor hubby at Pizza Pro with the three chilluns and a bunch of school buddies (it was a friend’s birthday) and I knew there was chaos at home because he was texting me during the meeting stating this.

In between I hung out at Big Mountain for a while with a friend and then tried to stuff all my recycling crap into the bin. I’m sorry, I just cannot keep accumulating recyclables in my garage. We try consuming less and figuring out if it’s more ecologically sensible to use cans of soda or plastic bottles, but really…it’s all too much sometimes. Though I understand the impact of everything we do, I sort of long for the days when we just tossed everything into the trash bin and didn’t feel bad about it.

I’d like to know how many Helena folks drive out to the bins with their cars full only to find the recycling bin stuffed and overflowing.

I saw my first “Sonny Penhale for Mayor” sign in the window of the old City Hall yesterday. And I find all this “You Won’t Believe It!” nonsense in Old Town Helena just annoying. What won’t I believe, and why? Do you think I’m stupid? I’m not one of those who’s tricked easily by marketing ploys. I’m sure it’s something neat, but really…you’ve been teasing us too long.

A friend told me Thursday that the HIS trip to Washington, D.C. is $750 per person. This means you need $1500 plus souveniry money if you want to actually accompany your child on this trip. These are fifth graders, I think…maybe fourth. Insane. I went in ninth grade, but we lived in Ohio and it was an easy trip. I could take my family of five to D.C. for that much. It’s nice to give kids the opportunity but really…$750 per kid is kind of crazy for an elementary-age school trip. I can already tell my oldest he won’t go because then we’d have to pay for both his sisters to go the years after that. Not happening.

Did anyone watch NCAA basketball Thursday night on CBS? The Louisville-Tennessee game was awesome. I love watching fast, physical basketball. Western Kentucky almost came back to beat UCLA but it didn’t happen. I just drove through the WKU campus last week and was rooting for them. Mostly because I think “bruins” is a stupid mascot but WKU is the “Hilltoppers” so that’s not much better.


  1. Leigh said,

    Ewww. sorry you are not feeling to good either this AM. Hope all remains down the hatch and doesn’t leak out the backend. That really sucks.
    You crack me up on the meetings. Good luck with that. Is Amy still the director?
    And thanks alot for giving me sometrhing else to fret over-$750.00! Geez. Doubtful my daughter will go either. They didnt have that trip when my oldest was there. Our whole fmaily could go on the cruise out of Mobile to Cozumel for 4 days for that $$, including meals and entertainment….

  2. Lady Blognanimous said,

    Why is it that the most difficult job goes without pay? Not only does it come without pay, it’s the biggest money-sucker there is! Pfft!

  3. HEWY said,

    Hanging out in Old towne is always fun. Sorry you are not feeling well!

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