Answers to all life’s big questions?

March 13, 2008 at 11:50 am (Uncategorized)

Springfield Farms says they love their chickens, so they don’t treat them with antibiotics or give them any chemical medicines. Well, if your chicken were sick, and you loved her, wouldn’t you try to make her all better? Better yet, if you loved said chicken, would you send her to slaughter so other people could eat her? And if a chicken needs to be treated with medicines or something, maybe you shouldn’t be selling it as dinner.

What’s with making terms more complicated than they are? Perhaps we’re all trying to seem all business-y even when we’re not. The month of May, the August timeframe, your highest price point…hearing stuff like that outside of a work setting drives me crazy. Ninety-nine dollars isn’t your highest price point, it’s your budget.

Why do buses need to pick children up at 6:37 in the morning when the first bell doesn’t ring until 7:55?

Sorry, I woke up earlier than usual this morning and have watched too much television. I’m becoming sick of myself lately and am generally pissed off now because I don’t want to go to my four year-old daughter’s Easter party today because I need to go to Whole Foods. And I’m also pissed because my iPod is all screwy and I just downloaded some great songs from eMusic and want to listen to them. And I want to keep moving on my 7 Habits listening before I lose momentum.

On a happy note, the weather has been fantastic for curly hair! Yay.

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