Insurance, doctors, and lots of bad words

February 11, 2008 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I made my appt with my doctor last week since I knew I was feeling like crap and needed a shot or something. After spending the whole entire freaking weekend in bed with a sore throat, headache, ear ache, and cough, I show up to my 10:45 appt–blowing off the meeting with our designer and leaving Ben to it–and find out they don’t take my insurance any more.

I could have been at one of those awful docinabox places at 8 am had I known that! First thing I did was call my pretend girlfriend and say a lot of bad words on the phone. And yell. And almost cry.

Then I tried to go to the American Family Care place and it was FULL of really sick people. I know sick people go to the doctor but there were *sick* with oozing and eyes and horrible wet coughs…I decided I’d get sicker waiting for the doctor so I came home.

I found a new doctor to see tomorrow. By then this crap will probably be gone, but I won’t be happy until someone gives me a shot in the ass. Truly.


  1. Leigh said,

    or dead. Hope you feel better. You were smart to not proceed. I hope you decontaminated when you got home. Feel well!

  2. prettyhelmet said,

    i feel your pain! i just got home from AFC (the one in Mtn. Brook) and though i waited an hour and a half to see the doc i was so glad i did. apparently i have walking pneumonia and he gave me a steroid shot and some kick ass cough medicine.
    i hope you feel better!

  3. HEWY said,

    I hope you feel better. Some good news, the girlscout cookies are coming in today so get some with hot chocolate and stay home!

  4. jennifer said,

    So. I have a sore hip. Really sore and causing problems. The dilema – do I go the the Doc over a sore hip? Whatever he tells me to do, I won’t do, ie: diet, excercise, take weight off. So here I sit on my sore hip.

    (but should I go?) 🙂 Jen

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