February 2, 2008 at 3:20 pm (Uncategorized)

My birthday turned into barfday by the time the kids got off the school bus.

Tuesday I woke up in a good mood. My hair looked good, my makeup looked good, and my pretend girlfriend Kelly took me to The Pita Stop (which is near UAB and I never go there except when she drives me since she knows the area and I can only get to Dreamland and the Eye Hospital). We had the mushrooms and Turkish coffee, and I had the kafta kabob which was so so so so yummy. And the date bread with the cream cheese.

The bad part started later that afternoon, when I heard my very naughty dog doing something in the kitchen. She had eaten the date nut bread Kelly got me to take home! That was my birthday cake! Then it rained and rained and rained.

We had school open house. Which is always fun except my son starts acting like an ass at some point and we all get pissy.

We finished at the school at seven o’clock. Mind you my children’s normal school bedtime is between 730 and 8. The kids and husband had decided we’d go to Tortuga’s to have a birthday dinner. At least it wasn’t Applebee’s.

I love Tortuga’s stuffed pizzas, esp. the veggie one. Yum. But it takes 45 minutes for them to cook the pie and the hubby didn’t call ahead.

While we’re waiting for the pizza to cook–and we’re the only ones in the restaurant–I call to check on my dad. He’d had his cardiologist follow up that afternoon and I wanted the DL on his condition.

Mom tells me Dad is back in the hospital with cardiac arrhythmia. Common problem, easily fixable. Does that reassure me? No. I am in Birmingham, my mom is in Montgomery, I cannot hug her. I had just gotten the idea that my dad was going to be okay in my head, and now I can’t get it back.

Rain was still coming down, sheets of water. I carried the leftover pie and the kids’ spaghetti to the car and spilled the spaghetti on the floor of the new car.

My husband is a big grudge holder. I’ve never seen anything like it. It all came out, but I think that on Saturday he is still thinking about it.

Maybe next year will be better.


  1. Deedra said,

    I am sorry that you had a rotten birthday. Just remember that God loves you!!!

  2. Leigh said,

    It will. I am sorry you had a bad day. Ya know what, try another celebration. I mena, why not hold the party again if the furst one was the pits? Go and get you a margarita somewhere with the pretend girlfriend. Have hubby take the car to the wash (Like Anthony’s) and all will be well.
    Don’t give up, use it as another excuse to make it right! (smile)

    Happy Birthday! It’ll be ok.

    Re: you dad. Look at the positive. If he is back in the hospital the same thing applies to your bday. He is back to make it right. The hospital is the best place he can be and monitoring him is good. If something is wrong (whihc it probably isn’t) they will catch it. Think positive. You are all in my prayers.


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