Bypass The Old

January 15, 2008 at 8:58 pm (Uncategorized)

My dad had a heart attack. We don’t know when because he’d had chest pains for nearly a week before admitting it to anyone.

Saturday night he went to the ER with my mom and their friends (who talked him into going to the doctor).

Sunday they moved him to another hospital by ambulance to have a heart catheter put in.

Monday afternoon they performed a triple bypass on his heart. He is recovering in the Cardiovascular ICU now. We anticipate a complete recovery.

My daddy’s only 53. He is athletic and eats lots of vegetables and whole grains. And cheese and meat, but still…seeing him so vulnerable, with tubes everywhere, was unsettling.

He seems to have some good, astute nurses. My mother, the one we were truly worried about, was doing so much better when we saw him after the surgery.

I now need to lose 100 lbs and become a nurse.

If you don’t have an advance directive or living will, you need to get one. I did one before my first child was born. It’s important that your family knows your wishes, but that means nothing unless you’ve taken care of things with a living will or advance directive.

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  1. Leigh said,

    OH, gosh! You’re Dad is so lucky!!! I am glad your mom is doing “ok”. My prayers are with all of you. I will bet now he listens to what his body is saying in the future. Bless him!
    My brother is an attorney (web link on my blog, I know, I now…attorney, roller derby…hmm I really made the folks proud. HAHA!) He specializes in tax law as well as wills and estates. He is all the time trying to preach to me about the living will. I know this and have had every intention of getting it on legal paper for over a year now. You are so correct. I will call him on my families behalf so he can actually take care of our business in a proper time frame. Great point.

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