Merry Christmas, Late

December 27, 2007 at 3:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I hope my three faithful readers had a fabulous Christmas. We had family up from Montgomery on two different days, and it was nice not having to load up the kids and all their crap and then their gifts in the van and drive an hour and a half.

We also did something really nice and got my neice gifts that did not have pieces. Only one required batteries, even! I know, we’re awesome. I remember my brother buying my oldest those cool toys with lots of pieces. Right now, my neice is too young to get toys with little pieces (she’s a year and a half) but just wait. I’m plotting my gift revenge.

My hubby got me a new digital camera for Christmas. It is a big step up from the HP piece of crap we got free a couple of years ago (HP points were nice, though, since this is the first time we’ve had to actually buy a camera). It’s a Canon PowerShot S5IS. I wish I’d had this a few days prior but it’s a nice little camera.

Now I get to troll around the recycling bins to see when they’re empty since I have a truckload of broken down boxes, including two Rose Petal Cottage (the cutest toy ever!) boxes. And then I have to locate people willing to play SuperScrabble Deluxe with me.

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  1. Leigh said,

    Merry Christmas. What a beautiful family!

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