Don’t suck too hard on that lollipop

December 3, 2007 at 7:22 am (Uncategorized)

Saturday was Helena’s annual Christmas parade. This has turned, in the eight years since I moved here, from something you barely notice into a HUGE deal.

Two of my three kiddos participated this year. The youngest had two opportunities to be on different floats, but once she realized she’d not be able to actually watch the parade from the float, she decided to sit on the side of the road with her daddy and me. And while last year we all had coats and blankets and hot cocoa and such, this year’s parade day was downright warm. I felt bad for my little twirler in her sweatshirt. But you know, it’s December…you plan what’s reasonable and hope for the best. No one passed out (that I saw) so it must have been fine.

Now onto the thing that pisses me off: the candy. Why are they throwing candy? I didn’t even give my Cub Scout candy to toss out this year. This morning on the way to church, my son pointed out that the area around one of the “do not litter” signs was surrounded by candy wrappers. We have signs up about being the Number One Place To Live in Alabama and the Thirteenth Best Place in America to Raise a Child. And then we have the phreaking candy wrappers everywhere. And smooshed candy in the road. It looks trashy and shameful.

If they’ll allow candy-tossing during the parade, they ought to at least gather crews of folks to clean it up. My preschooler did her part by grabbing all the Tootsie Rolls she saw and putting them in my purse. I swear I didn’t make her do it.

Helenans–candy or no candy for the parade? I could totally do without the candy. Unless it’s Hershey’s Special Dark.


  1. Leigh said,

    I too saw the trash littered on the roadway. I also noticed the city sweepers immediatley following the parade. I hope they will get on top on the trash that was swept out of reach of the sweep on the roadside.
    I do hwoever, love the candy. It just seems so festive to me. And the beads, this year some walkers gave me some “commerical” plasitc cups and bottled water. It is a little mini mardi gras-without the boobs. I really enjoy being able to take the kids and they get so excited when they can too atch a toosie roll. Isn’t life grand when such miniscule things can bring pleasure.
    A great parade this year! Hey, did you see me dancing? I was in a committee t shirt and dancing around in Publix parking lot? I love a parade it make sme happy! Sorry I didnt see you to say “Hello”.

  2. MissBossyPants said,

    I missed the sweepers. Probably because I was rounding up children on the trek from our spot near the Presbyterian church to the place where the UMS trucks park! I did like the beads and the cups…I can live with beads. Candy wrappers all over the roadsides, though, is just tacky (I noticed there were no Reese’s wrappers in the road–because we all risk life and limb to get THOSE when people toss them!).

  3. HEWY said,

    I liked the cups and beads too! I noticed 3-4 places where taco bell cups were left. I guess several people ate Taco Bell while they waited.

  4. HEWY said,

    Hey D, Did you see where Sf cancelled their straw vote because too many Ron Paul supporters showed up?

    See here:

  5. Leigh said,

    what we will do for Reese Cups. Literally, I held up some floats to grab the candy. I had an official shirt on so no one protested. Game on for the Reece and Baby Ruths!

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