Bubonic Plague Hits Helena

November 11, 2007 at 10:06 pm (Uncategorized)

No, really….I swear it’s true. I am its victim.

My whole weekend got scrapped. When my hubby returned from Nashville with his brand spankin new (to us) car, he then drove the kids to Montgomery to drop them off. Now he’s gone to pick them up. I’ve slept a lot. I’ve watched a lot of NatGeo, too, like the “King Bear” episode of Carnivore Planet that was just plain depressing.

No one else in the house is sick. I am only able to type because I have given myself caffeine in the form of an icy cold, bubbly Coca-Cola Classic that I drove in my medicated state to the store to buy. Along with Mucinex.

Hopefully I’ll feel up to taking the kids’ picture tomorrow. I was hoping we’d go to our church and get a good photo of the kids for Christmas cards. We’ll see.

Now I’m off to fight the plague. Sheets are washing in hot water, toothbrush has been sanitized, I’ve showered with lye soap and bleach (ha, just kidding). Gonna eat my Amy’s Mushroom and Olive pizza if I can indeed eat. I feel hungry for the first time in two days. Tomorrow it’s the doctor for me.

1 Comment

  1. HEWY said,

    I’m there with you. Spray down the doorknobs and clorox the bathrooms. Watch out for the cough that follows

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