Day-old baklavaaaaaah…and injury update!

October 22, 2007 at 7:33 pm (Uncategorized)

On Saturday, a family we have met through our little faith community came to pick my kids up for a sleepover (the girls stayed but my son ended up really wanting to come home–he missed his bed). So my Realtor girlfriend picked me up and we trekked to Whole Foods, way out in Mountain Brook…and then we put our perishable itmes in one of those thermal bags and headed to the Pita Stop.

I tell you what. Never have I tasted such luscious kafta and tangy dressing. And the hummus was the right consistency for dipping. And the rice was tender and it was like eating mom’s cooking (if I were Lebanese, that is).

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean are my favorite food types. I could really eat them all day long. And just a couple of weekends ago I got my injured husband to accompany me to the Purple Onion *and* to Ali Baba.

I feel like I’m making headway in the food world here. It’s not steak but he’s still going there.

A note about the husband: he is driving a rental car, but our insurance company is screwing with us and so we don’t know when we can actually purchase the car we want, which is sitting patiently in Nashvegas, waiting for a handsome Chinese guy who really wants a BMW 3-series. The ortho (same one who did the titanium plate in his clavicle back in January) says his fracture isn’t healed but he can drive if he feels comfortable. I think it was less comfort and more wanting to get out of the freaking house and away from us all that pushed him to want to drive. He also has some damage to his PCL, which I am just learning about.

Should be a fun recovery for all. But as he says, at least he’s not dead.

Aside: have you watched the new The Price Is Right? I know, most of you have jobs and such that keep you away from the soul-sucker that is daytime television. But Drew Carey is frickin’ awesome.


  1. HEWY said,

    I love mideastern food. I will have to hit the Pita stop when I stop downtown next time!

  2. Leigh said,

    Man, I will HAVE to try the Pita Shop. THX for the tip! I love trying out new food. I too am a fan of the purple onion. Besides the food, their mint tea is to die for.
    My son had a minor fender bender yesterday. Hope that the other drivers insuance works in our favor, He was at fault. It is good to hear your husband is on the mend.
    Haven’t watched TPIR yet, but will check it out.

  3. UziCue said,

    dusti, dusti, dusti, i’m so glad to see you. I got my ass off MySpace and started blogging again. I’m living in Pelham with the hubby and the dog in a small apartment (we had to downsize for all kinds of reasons).
    I’m at

    come on by and check it out.

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