School Blitz

August 14, 2007 at 12:55 pm (Uncategorized)

School has officially taken over our lives.

If you know me, you know how much I really hate state-sponsored/mandated education. Maybe because I am a loving, caring, involved parent who would be sure my kids got educated somehow, even if it weren’t required by law.

Sometimes I think I need to buy myself a ranch out in Montana and live behind electric fences to keep The Man out of my bidness!

Part of the problem is that my darling hubster and I have three children. We would have gladly have had more had my uterus not decided to scar up. But my three children love to do things.

My son has Cub Scouts and is starting piano next Monday; these are mandatory in my book. Team sports in Helena are too intense for us, and Y sports are too disorganized (I say this as a former soccer coach there).

My kindergarten girl has signed up for baton lessons at school after deciding to throw two years of ballet instruction out the window (I juest–she’s five after all, it’s not like she was headed to prima ballerina at this age), and she wants to be a Daisy Girl Scout.

We have limited the four year old to one activity, which is dance. We changed our dance school, too, since I was really tired of driving from Helena to Vestavia every week. The new place is less of a traditional ballet school but will be more fun for her, I think, and it’s just a few minutes down the road. Several friends have daughters who attend so I feel comfortable with it.

One or two activities per kid is totally reasonable. But multiply that by three. Holy crap. Not to mention the homework my second grader is bringing home. Last night we had our first homework meltdown–and it was only 20 minutes of independent reading plus a short fluency exercise! That’s maybe 25 minutes of work, but he was nearly impossible and ended up going to bed without even being tucked in because he wouldn’t cooperate.

Do you see why I hate school?


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  1. kirby said,

    Sounds like all the activities are driving you and the kids nuts. I hope you find some balance.

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