Abuse an animal, go to jail?

July 6, 2007 at 3:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I need to find out more about Alabama’s animal cruelty laws. Yesterday, when I was visiting my Audreygirl at the vet (if you didn’t know, my doggie has been paralyzed in her hind legs because of a severe UTI that took over her body–she is staying with the vet probably until August so she can recover, and I miss her so much my body aches), I noticed the vet and his assistant were with a sick-looking dog on the floor, using a stethoscope. Turns out (according to the tech who was helping me during my visit with Audrey) it was a dalmatian–never would have known by looking at it–whose owner’s mom had brought in. she claimed her son cared well for the dog, but the tech said you could put your fingers between his ribs, and he was infested with fleas and had sores on his sides and his belly. He barely had a pulse. The woman just left the dog and signed the euthanasia papers.

Argh. As I explained to my friend Melissa, who is even more of an animal lover than I am, I’m a compassionate woman. I am forgiving and loving and don’t hold grudges. But it’s hard to apply that philosophy of life to people who abuse or neglect animals and children. I don’t get it.

There are times when euthanasia is the kindest thing for an animal. My parents had their sweet Abby put down when her cancer advanced and she was laboring to breathe. We thought, when Audrey wasn’t getting any better for a while, that we may have to put her down, too. Thank God that isn’t the case. They got her meds straightened out. She has a long, long road to recovery, but is already trying to stand on her legs, when for nearly a week she couldn’t do anything but halfway sit up.

But when the vets have to put an animal asleep because its person neglected it or abused it so much that it’s better off dead…man. I know animal abuse is a felony, but I don’t know how neglect falls into that.

We’re so fortunate to have a caring veterinarian in Dr. Possein. He’s fabulous, and his whole staff is fabulous. I think it’s a big unusual for a vet to wear a pentagram around his neck, but hey–he does a great job caring for the animals and working for the local schools and the community. Very generous and kind, he and his wife both.

I hope karma catches up to the man who led his animal to a cruel life on earth and then an untimely death.

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