Sweet and sly, Morrissey gets most out of intimate Alabama Theatre

July 20, 2007 at 6:00 am (Uncategorized)

Tonight was the absolutely amazing, blindingly wonderful Morrissey show at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham.

Perfect venue, perfect artist.

Kristeen Young was wonderful, quirky in a good way, but she and her drummer seemed a bit drowned on the stage. Still, she showed us some soulful vocal acrobatics and sweet personality, too.

Moz….aaaaahhhhh Moz. I won’t go into the whole story of how I sweet talked my way from row UU up to the front *just by being a sweet person–but during Moz’s performance I kept my coca Cola and my frakking handbag on the stage between the lamps.

Here’s our man. This is the best photo I could sneak–didn’t want to risk getting out of the good graces of the security guy who let me up there.

I planned on keeping a set list but was too caught up in the excitement of the whole thing. He did start with “Panic” and included my favorite of all the recent songs, “Irish Blood, English Heart.”

He quipped, “We have our own version of ‘Sweet Home Alabama,'” and then the band went into “Girlfriend in a Coma.” Classic.

Most charming was the sweetness he exuded onstage. It felt genuine.

After the show, I headed out back where the trucks were being loaded up. Missed Moz, of course (do they shrink these guys into little pellets and propel them to the next venue so they can sleep?) but had the thrill of meeting Boz Boorer and getting his photo and autograph. So approachable and funny. And man, onstage he was smoking hot. Musicians make work look fun.

The first Morrissey song I ever heard was “November Spawned a Monster” and sadly, he didn’t play it. I was 15, it was winter of 1991 and I was listening to WOXY out of Oxford, Ohio. I remember sitting on my bed eating ravioli and hearing this song, and then not long afterwards hearing “the Queen is Dead” and it started a one-sided love affair. Seventeen years I waited to see this precious, darling man in concert.

My work is done.


  1. MRMacrum said,

    I was tagged with the 5 things about myself. As part of the assignment, I had to tag 5 others. You have been tagged. That’s one out of the way.

    Morrissey never did it for me. I got my fill of angst years ealier when I discovered Blues.

  2. Twilighting « Ms Bossy Pants said,

    […] be high the whole day waiting for it. And then, within two hours, it will all be over. Kind of like the Morrissey concert, though that does live forever in my heart. And I can get the Twilight […]

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